What to Expect When Getting Into Tech

September 8th, 2016 · 41 mins 23 secs

About this Episode

Brent Williams

Brent Williams, Trainer / Career Coach in Chicago Illinois

Brent joins me this week to talk about what people are seeing when switching careers and what seems to be missing. He is currently working on a set of programs that will empower people looking to get a new job and give them the tools they need to be confident that they are getting into a job they will love. A big part of that is vocabulary. Thinking back to when I started as an engineer, I didnt understand the terms used in the industry, which made it more difficult when leaving college to get a job that I really wanted.

We also talk about good ways to get a meeting with an influencer, or someone who is working at a company that you are interested in joining. This can be a good way to understand the culture, the work-life balance and the type of work that is produced by different departments. Big tip here, don't waste someone's time. Always be prepared and always be mindful of their time. Influencers don't have to meet with you, but if they do, thank them.

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